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Billabong kids at Off The Wall

Working with kids is amazing.  There is always so much to share and learn from them.  As much as I inspire them, they inspire me.  As I teach I learn.  These kids are from around the world and will be some of the best surfers on the world tour some day soon.  To be able to share yoga with them, my experience as a surfer through out my career with victory, defeat, injury, recovery, health, energy, and dynamic performance, is an honor.  When I was there age none of this was available.  To share with them information of body dynamics with breathe, structural movement, meditation, water, salt, and the power of awareness is a gift.  Sharing information is feeding light energy and creating awareness for our kids, communities, our oceans, and this earth.  It makes me aware of how much more there is to learn.

Each group that came in every few days had a different energy.  Whether they were laughing and playing, or shy and quiet, they all seemed to enjoy yoga and most of them for there first time.  

Here are some photos from our experience together. 

Aloha, Rochelle

Waves were sick out front while we were doing one after the last class and day before leaving to Australia.  This board is the whip 5’4”.  See how it goes in Oz,Aloha! Rochellefile:///Users/rochelleballard/Desktop/

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Spring is just around the corner and by popular demand, we are happy to announce SURF INTO YOGA KIDS SURF CAMP, here at the North Shore Wellness Retreat.  It has been a few years since Rochelle has held her camps for girls. We are opening up the field to boys and girls ages 8-17, but all levels are welcome.  There will be surf instruction for beginners and coaching for the intermediate and advance levels surfers.  The focus will be on creating body awareness with healthy eating, yoga, and Hawaiian Culture, and of course, lots of surfing.  The camp will be held at The North Shore Wellness Estate across from Sunset Beach.  Kids will be camping in the yard under the stars and surfing the wide variety of breaks across the street, here on the beautiful North Shore.  
Sign up is limited to 20 kids and the camp is only a few weeks away!

Aloha from,   The North Shore Wellness Retreat

For more information and bookings email or call 808-638-8137 or visit us at 

A dear friend who I’ve known now since I started the tour, is visiting for a short time from Paris.  He is a Japanese man 40 years Master of Shiatsu, Karate, and painting fine Polynesian wave art.  A special open house showing of his paintings all original with a beautiful story of Hawaiian and Tahitian story telling.  The large hemp canvas paintings will be available for purchase for his second time showing in Hawaii at The North Shore Wellness Retreat Estate, Sunset Beach Hawaii.  The first showing was in 1996’ at Waimea Falls Park.

I am honored and in amazement to be so lucky to have his art displayed through out the estate.  Big Waves almost feel like you are right on the beach watching under the stars and full moon.  As you enter into the Paumalu Spa Room the stories of Hawaiian lifestyle and all of its Garden Island beauty reveal itself in breath taking depth and serenity.  You must see for yourself if you are interested in fine art and a passion for the Polynesian way of life and heaven on earth

And Mayumi says ALOHA!  


The North Shore Wellness Retreat is happy to introduce the  2011 FIrst retreat workshop of the new year!  Get Away to the beautiful North Shore, learn Polarity, Reflexology, Yoga, yummy healthy meals, big white sand beaches, beautiful warm ocean, surf, sun, fun, and serenity…

FIT For A Goddess Keep A Breast Event

On another gorgeous fall morning on the North Shore, I rode my bike down to my friend Red’s house at Waimea.  He is an amazing photographer and artist.  More importantly, he loves to help women express the goddess within through photography and nature.  Red Mahan is always making us cacao with coconuts, bananas, and mango, and swimming in the ocean with the turtles and dolphins.  When I leave his presence after eating some fresh fruit, exchanging ideas and passion I am left feeling more grounded, light and refreshed.   A visit with him is the best therapy in the world for stress and rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul.  This particular day I met some women who have been friends with Red for years.  One of them, Illana Fernandez, was visiting from Maui.  He suggested we meet and exchange ideas and create an event at my new retreat center. 
The timing and focus of us meeting was perfect for a Keep A Breast event, as it was nearing the end October, which is breast cancer awareness month. Ilana is a life coach and pole-dancing teacher who shares her passion through her company Fit for a Goddess.  What a great opportunity to spend a day of sharing with women ways to be healthy, active, and become aware of different ways to prevent breast cancer.  We called the day Fit For A Goddess after Ilana’s dance school. 
The day consisted of a yoga workshop using the YogAligntm technique, creating awareness of breathe, movement, structural alignment, breaking old patterns, creating new ones, chi gong, and self-massage. 
We had a workshop with myself and John Basehart, Polarity Master and baker, teaching us about Aruveda and making yummy gluten and sugar free muffins.  I shared my recipe for a power smoothie with Spirulina, Chia seed, hemp powder, Macha, fruits, nuts, kale, bee pollen, and more.  We will share the recipes soon.
Then came the pole-dancing workshop.  It was highly anticipated and yet somehow everyone was just a bit nervous.  Ilana was great at explaining how pole dancing originated and its history.  It was an expression of women feeling their female power, grace, sexiness, and of course the goddess within us.
After a solid day of workshops and fun, we enjoyed some great music and food.  Paradise Found Cafe and other local farmers provided veggies and taro for us to enjoy.  Kona Brew donated some light refreshing beer, and everyone enjoyed the music and good company.  The day boasted an amazing lineup of local talent, Jenna Rae, Jamie Marie, Paul Izack , Teddy Fernandez, and White Lines who played for a couple of hours into the night.
We are so grateful to have had such great support from friends and our local companies and corporate sponsors.  They provided us the means to host the event, as well as some great prizes to give away.  Mahalo for Nike 6.0, North Shore Soap Factory, Tommy the Haole Tree Trimmer, Noelani Designs, Lani Nani, Kona Brewing Co., Da Hui.  We were given plenty of prizes in Haleiwa from the restaurants and shops as raffle giveaways.  It is beautiful to see the community get together to support our women and young girls.  It is all about Ohana and Kokua here in the Islands.  We were also able to raise some money for KAB as 100% of the workshop entry and raffle money went to Keep A Breast.
“Speak with your life, not just words”
Until next time aloha and ahui ho from the Islands,


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